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heat exposure, 2017

AC window unit, coconut oil, tracing paper, thermal ink


materials react in changes of temperature from one side of an AC to the other. miniature mapped routes, beginning at art jameel, from organized weekly group walks (aug-sept), drawn in thermal ink, cannot withstand the heat created by the rear expulsion from the AC’s condenser. meanwhile, coconut oil finds repose in the draft of cold air.


a prototype exploring the use of wasted heat expelled from an AC, and its effect on thermosensitive ink, causing drawn lines to disappear upon exposure. weekly group-walks took place amongst campus art dubai alumni members who were participating with the open studio at art jameel project space. the walks were tracked by mapmyrun and all originated from art jameel and explored the neighbourhood outside al serkal of varying distances from 1-6km. the walks were initiated to support the other activities happening within the group: the communal studio practise, the peer-run grant creation, and several other on-going efforts in artist-community building.


within this communal work, issues of secrecy/privacy, vulnerability & trust, and the currency of presence have been expressed and discussed. this work is a preliminary illustration of these themes in the context of our walks and talks, within the comfort of art jameel, and in the climate of the “outside” spaces. our efforts to explore and affect our space by means of occupation are inherently ephemeral and our survival outside the walls of institution is precarious. doubtful of our long-term stability, we scavenge from the off-peak of the local arts economy. the miniature slides of translucent paper mark the preciousness and delicacy of our bond.

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