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video, dur. 10 mins


moments of failure mix with success as cats protest their online consumption and objectification, and puncture the gauze of nostalgic cuteness, by resisting the human gaze.


by hacking their collars with infrared LEDS, the reaction with sensors of night-mode surveillance cameras causes their images to be overexposed.


they act to reclaim their anonymity, and yet this very act of resistance singles out their movements, and serves to facilitate the very surveillance they seek to resist.


the urban nocturne may never belong to the undomesticated, and a standoff ensues between the agency of the cats who seek to roam, and the threat of the humans, who seek to capture, domesticate, sterilize, and fetishize.

10 min. split screen video piece documents various cats in different habitats/locations, as they go about their cat business. the cats have been fitted with infra-red diode collars which overexpose the footage captured by a standard CCTV camera. at certain angles, the cats’ identity becomes obscured, and in others, serves to highlight their position amidst the darkness of their surroundings.

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